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Gravel Adventure

In the past few years, gravel riding has gained an incredible amount of popularity. The bike industry has been flooded with gravel specific bikes, pros and amateurs alike have flocked to gravel races, and the number of people and bike tire tracks seen out on those rocky roads have steadily increased. There are a lot …


Ten Tips for Cyclocross Success

Some people say that cyclocross is a blend between mountain and road cycling, but it really is an entirely unique discipline with unique characteristics. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you take part in this challenging sport: The start is KEY! It is worth it to push yourself a little more than …


How to Get Faster on the Bike with No Additional Saddle Time

Almost everyone wants to go faster on the bike, but not everyone has the additional time (or motivation) to dedicate to more training. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to actually get faster without doing harder or longer workouts! Skills: A confident, comfortable rider that knows how to handle a bike is a fast …


Strength Training for Endurance Sports

Strength training is a component of fitness often overlooked by endurance athletes. The excuse often heard is, “I’ve got limited time to train and don’t want to take time away from my sport.” The irony is that by incorporating strength training into your training program, you can make big gains in your desired specific sport, …


Group Ride Etiquette

Cycling does not have to be a solo endeavor. In fact, one of the best ways to get better is to ride with people faster than you. However, before you go out to your first local group ride keep these tips in mind! Ask Questions: Prior to the start of the ride, ask the regulars …


Top 5 Strength Movements for Endurance Athletes

The relationship between strength and performance is well-documented, but for endurance athletes focused on performance that relationship represents a balancing act.   The trick is to incite muscle gains while also maintaining range of motion and retaining flexibility. This means focusing simultaneously on the “how” as well as the “what”.  By doing the right exercises in …


Attack Your Offseason: Why a Functional Movement Screen is Job 1

Throughout a long season and career, endurance athletes put an incredible amount of stress on their muscles, joints and soft tissue.  While the movements required for a given sport are similar between competitors, how a specific athlete handles the load can differ greatly. Understanding how your unique body moves and adapting your approach can be …


Holidays 2016: 20 Gift Ideas for Endurance Athletes

Shopping for an endurance athlete can be challenging.  This is because the same people who take their training seriously also take their gear seriously. If this sounds familiar and you’d like to avoid another year of feigned gratitude and post-holiday returns, we are here to help.  Our holiday gift guide will set you on the right track. Specialized Socks Can …


Beat the Heat: Essential Racing Strategies for Hot Weather

When nearing a race, few things can be as disheartening as an extended forecast with temps north of 80 degrees.  This is because experienced athletes know that of the many race day challenges, extreme heat presents a unique and dangerous wildcard.  This makes adapting your preparation, approach and execution crucial to ensuring you have a …


Optimize Your Training with Metrics & Testing

For many casual endurance athletes, assessing performance and tracking metrics begins and ends with a training journal.  Athletes diligently chart training mileage along with their performance on race day, using the limited data set to tweak their recipe and improve. While this approach can be effective for moderate gains, the science of training has much …

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